Wellcraft Fishing Boats for sale in Thailand. Wellcraft is a 60 year old American icon featuring scarab offshore boats, walk around, bay boats, center console and dual console. Discover the Wellcraft Life! Take your Coastal® boating and fishing experience to the next level with our new, incredible line of fishing boats. With 60 years of innovative boat design and engineering, Wellcraft is one of the best known brands in the marine industry. From a legacy of hull design breakthroughs that changed recreational boating to dominating salt water fishing power boats, Wellcraft delivers.

The Ultimate Lifestyle - Wellcraft Boats

162 Fisherman


Great things often come in small packages. The 162 Fisherman combines comfortable console fishing and family fun in a boat that both novice boaters and avid anglers will appreciate and enjoy.  The 162 Fisherman is a big little boat and would make an ideal entry boat or large tender to a superyacht.

Wellcraft 2
Wellcraft 3

182 Fisherman


Staying true to the Wellcraft DNA, the 182 Fisherman sports a sheer line and signature look that screams superiority. Within this 18’2″ boat, your passengers sit comfortably for a day of fishing or family cruising. It’s small enough to stow in the garage or driveway, tow easily, and run economically. Yet it’s large enough to take out the family


221 Bay


The 221 Bay is the best of both worlds for family-oriented inland fishermen: loved ones are comfortable, and fishing is never compromised.

The 221 Bay has a low draft, raised casting platforms, high performance, and low profile that is ideal for light tackle casting.

Wellcraft 4
Wellcraft 5

241 Bay


Wellcraft’s 241 Bay remains the perfect model for family boaters who keep cruising and fishing coastal waters a primary focus while requiring offshore capability. To accommodate a universal appeal, Wellcraft designers took the family-fisherman’s needs in stride: uniting features anglers crave with creature-comforts families desire.

202 Fisherman


The 202 Fisherman is  affordable family fishing fun and the bow is a constant reminder of how Wellcraft designers make a fishing boat very family-friendly. Its tiered platform allows for effective casting, from any angle, while providing additional legroom for onboard passengers.

 Lots of center console boats have low gunwales that punish anglers’ knees during a long day of fishing in lumpy water, but even those who are more than 6 feet tall will be thigh-high on the 202’s gunwales.

Wellcraft 6
Wellcraft 7

222 Fisherman


This focused design promotes luxury and comfort from bow to stern while holding strong loyalties to the avid angler. The 222 Fisherman is truly a multi-purpose vessel.

Wellcraft is respected for their build quality and value. That’s a heritage that lives on in the company’s Wellcraft 222 Fisherman, a mid-sized family center console that blends serious fishing features with versatility and all-round comfort.


Fisherman 242


Whatever your passion: luxury fishing, family boating, or offshore cruising, the 242F embraces it all. Powered by single or dual applications, this 24’4″ vessel delivers the length and muscle fishermen need when heading offshore—a textbook ride only possible through a high freeboard, deep hull, and an articulated bow flare.

The Wellcraft 242 Fisherman is a great example of  a new breed of adaptive sportsboats built around a centre console layout, with convertible fishing-to-family bow and stern seating areas, plenty of storage space for all your weekend kit, plus enough serious features to satisfy the most ardent angler.

Wellcraft 8
Wellcraft 9

262 Fisherman


Despite the core of fishing functionality, family comfort is not forgotten aboard the 262F. The bow details an abundance of features boating families will admire, while the helm and stern hold all the tools and features seasoned fishermen desire.

The 262 proves itself a fishing machine that offers great performance and style. This Wellcraft 262 also provides plenty of space and comfortable seating — important considerations when taking out a boatload of people, be it on a serious offshore-fishing trip or a leisurely cruise.


302 Fisherman


The 302 Fisherman, specializing in offshore boating, provides all the provisions anglers need to hook, land, and stow large gamefish. This vessel is spacious and multifunctional­ to ensure you’re ready for stress-free fishing and cruising.

Come rain or shine, calm seas or rough conditions, this Wellcraft 302 is a boat you can count on to get you to the fish and, more importantly, get you home with a level of comfort that exceeds expectations for a serious fishing machine.

Wellcraft 10
Wellcraft 11

352 Fisherman


Wellcraft’s flagship 35-footer blends serious fishing features with comfortable places to relax when angling is not a priority. It’s designed for serious angling on Saturday and cruising with family and friends on Sunday.

It’s simple; with an assurance for luxury in one hand and a soul for fishing in the other, the 352 Fisherman is a vessel that will deliver an adventure to any boater and fisherman.

With a brand heritage that spans over 60 years, Wellcraft is a name that’s indelibly etched in the memories of generations of recreational fishermen. The Wellcraft 352 Fisherman is now the largest model in the Wellcraft lineup and more than lives up to those memories.