SOLARIS SAILING YACHTS - THE ULTIMATE ITALIAN CRAFTSMANSHIP AND EXCELLENCE The craftsmanship is a necessary condition to achieve the goal that Solaris has set itself: excellence. The final result translates into unique and unmistakable fittings, designed to be functional, comfortable in navigation and to last over time. The quality of the assemblies and interior finishes are distinctive features of Solaris production, which have always been recognized and appreciated by ship owners all over the world. The refined selection of precious woods is combined with the skilful craftsmanship of the workmanship and detail.

The Ultimate Lifestyle - Solaris Sail

Solaris 40

The new model Solaris 40 – Our objective was to develop a new 40’ yacht incorporating the very latest innovations, whilst preserving the design flair of Javier Soto Acebal. 

This is how the Solaris 40 was born, with numerous evolutions that distinguish this new project, in both hull performance and comfort at sea


Solaris Sail 2
Solaris Sail 3

Solaris 44

The Solaris 44 ‘represents the new benchmark on the market. It is the only 13.5 m designed and built for fast cruising with a small crew, thanks to the distribution of maneuvers on only 2 winches within reach of the helmsman. Double use cruising / regatta is not excluded by opting for the completely recessed mainsail and winches on the paramar for asymmetrical spinnaker use.

Solaris 47

With the 47 Solaris once again redefines the standards of the market, it is in fact the first and currently the only model of this size that offers all the tricks and innovations aimed at a real use of the high performance boat even with a small crew: self-tacking rail recessed below deck; only 2 winches in the helmsman area from which it is possible to manage all the maneuvers.

Solaris Sail 4
Solaris Sail 5

Solaris 50

After the success of the 48 ‘ presented in 2006 and still considered today by everyone, owners and designers, a point of reference in terms of aesthetic and functional solutions, Solaris renews its challenge to the 15-meter segment with the responsibility of proposing a new a model that can repeat the success of the 48 which, in its 8 years of presence on the market, has met the favor not only of European but also Asian owners

Solaris 55

The Solaris 55 was created to satisfy the most demanding owners who require high-performance navigation even with a small crew. 

The shipyard’s design studio and naval architect Javier Soto Acebal worked for fourteen months on fine-tuning down to the smallest detail of this project which today represents the reference point both aesthetically and functionally in the 16-meter segment.

Solaris Sail 6
Solaris Sail 7

Solaris 60

In 2020 the first Solaris 60 went into the water, a model that will mark the way the boat is built and conceived and will influence nautical design for the next ten years.

The Solaris 60 was born with the idea of giving life to a Mini-Maxi, that is a high performance sailing boat, with an overall length of 18.31 meters. This length allows you to participate in offshore regattas, in the Mini-Maxi class

Solaris 72 C

The Solaris 72 Classic is brimming with innovative solutions including a newly developed lifting keel, a high modulus carbon mast with integrated magic trim in the Park Avenue boom. The rigging is in carbon with the powerful rig and waterlines designed by Javier Soto Acebal.

 The set up and the appearance are classic, that’s why the Solaris 72 yacht has the “Classic” designation.

Solaris Sail 8
Solaris Sail 9

Solaris 64 RS

This Solaris 64 RS is born from the pencil of Soto Acebal. 

The Solaris 64 RS represents an extremely innovative yacht in the world of fast cruising boats, characterized by the raised saloon that brings the glasses and the 360 ° view and allows you to have an engine room and an engine amidships with the aft cabins without the systems that create noise.

Solaris 68 RS

The new Solaris 68 represents a synthesis of the experience accumulated by the shipyard in the design and construction of yachts for long-range navigation. 

The choice of concentrating the engine room, engine, tanks and systems under the dinette ensures optimal comfort on board even with a high performance hull. Different internal layouts are designed to adapt to the needs of each owner. The deck layout ensures use even with a small crew in all sea conditions.

Solaris Sail 10
Solaris Sail 11

Solaris 74 RS

Another part of our history is renewed, the Solaris 74 RS is born. Over time, the design and evolution of our hulls of about 22 meters has marked the Solaris shipyard: innovative and increasingly performing models have followed one another. 

Each Solaris yacht has reached such requirements as to satisfy the needs and aspirations of its owner, with true oceanic offshore navigation up to use in easy sailing.

Solaris 80 RS

he Solaris 80 RS is a boat designed for long and real boat cruises. The spaces above and below deck take on significant importance. 

Particular is the dinette, unique in terms of space. Below is the engine room, while above, thanks to the round glasses, ideal for those who intend to live both indoors and outdoors, the light enters and makes the environment shine. 


Solaris Sail 12
Solaris Sail 13

Solaris 111 RS

The 111-foot-long Solaris 111 was designed the shipyard’s in-house naval architect Javier Soto Acebal. His brief was to design a hull for racing performance as well as cruising comfort and safety.

The emphasis lies on efficiency without sacrificing comfort, seakeeping, and speed with harmonious hull lines rather than trendy ideas. The lifting fin-keel and bulb allow easier access to shallower waters.