Van Der Valk Yachts offer a huge range of state-of-the- art semi-custom yachts for sale in Thailand. Van der Valk owes its ongoing success over the decades to an unwavering dedication to key values such as reliability, cooperation and a forward-thinking approach. They apply to every aspect of who we are, what we do and the motoryachts that result. As a family-run company with a pedigree that spans generations, Van der Valk understands the value of keeping one’s word and creating yachts that stand the test of time.

The Ultimate Lifestyle

BeachClub Series

GRAND INNOVATION – Experience a completely new way of looking at space in a motoryacht born to the role. With the propulsion system aft in the area of the swim platform. Restless in spirit and confident in style, the BeachClub was created based on years of R&D. Leave expectations behind… This is the life.

LET THERE BE LIGHT – Stunning panoramic vistas and lightfall all over, combined with a true carte blanche for the most relaxing open-air lifestyle. Offering unrivalled comfort, the interior brings the outside world in. And it’s also a fine place to relax in style.

AN EXERCISE IN LUXURY – The BeachClub offers you not one but three al fresco zones. Spend lazy days on the giant foredeck, with room for a Jacuzzi if you will. Take the helm on the cockpit deck. And enjoy luxurious lounging on the large swim platform aft.
It’s your space.

VAN DER VALK BeachClub 660 Flybridge For Sale in Thailand
Inspire Marine - Van Der Valk BeachClub 660

BeachClub Series

The Van der Valk BeachClub series is designed by designed by Cor D. Rover (exterior/interior) and Ginton Naval Architecture (naval architecture) and ranges from the award winning  BeachClub 600 (19.05 metres) all the way up in size to the BeachClub 1000 (30 metres).

The BeachClub series provides an unrivalled amount of exterior and interior space by locating the engine room in the same area as the swimming platform and the 3 entertainment zones are designed to order with the foredeck offering various layout options such as lounge, jacuzz, toy storage etc.

The BeachClub 600 was the first in this innovative range of motoryachts and will pioneer the incredible degree of spaciousness on offer.


TIMELESS AND DISTINCTIVE – Typified by a classical design and a nautical ambience, the Flybridge will allow you to share unforgettable adventures in the company of friends. With her spacious interior, she will accommodate you and your guests in superior comfort.

AL FRESCO ENJOYMENT – An elegant and well-thought-through Flybridge. Steering position is located forward on the centreline and surrounded by ample seating areas. There is a small pantry from which your crew can serve refreshing drinks. This is the life…

LUXURY FOR ALL- Create a custom interior that fully matches your personal style. Beautiful materials, hand-crated fabrics, fine upholstery. From a traditional nautical colour scheme to a more contemporary look & feel, you can be as involved in the design as much as you like. It’s your life…


Van Der Valk 1
Van Der Valk 2

Raised Pilothouse

BE DISTINCTIVE – The Raised Pilothouse series has a highly distinctive look, combining an overall contemporary appearance with subtle classic touches. The interior will reflect your personal preferences and style… From minimalist to majestic, we’ll make it happen.

ELEVATE YOUR SENSES – A raised pilothouse layout means that the wheelhouse position is elevated, freeing up the forward main deck area for other purposes. Main-deck master suite, separate dining area, crew quarters? You’re in control.



SUPREME LIBERTY – Discover every possibility. Leave behind your troubles. This robust and sturdy Explorer is for those who live a life of many facets. People who know that anything is possible. Where will you go?

MUSCLE POWER – Contemporary go-anywhere yacht for transatlantic passages and tough weather. Masculine long-range design by Guido de Groot performs as well as it looks. Add in a balanced al fresco lifestyle that’s great for everyone onboard and you have it all.

COMFORTABLE TRAVELS – Head to places that intrigue you most. In style, at speed and in all-aluminium comfort. Find your favourite spot then switch on the zero-speed gyroscopic stabilisation to enjoy the views. There’s so much to see and explore in this big wide world of ours.

Van Der Valk Yachts - Explorer Series - Inspire Marine - for sale in Thailand
Van Der Valk - Pilot Yacht

Pilot Series

The Pilot range is built in aluminium and is available from 23 metres in length and above, combining the rugged exterior of an explorer vessel with the interior comfort of modern contemporary flybridge yacht.

The Pilot yacht range embodies versatility in every sense with a raised pilothouse configuration that elevates the position of the wheelhouse to free the forward main deck area for various entertainment purposes. Additionally, once the tenders and toys have been lowered into the water via the crane, the spacious swimming platform aft of the main deck can also be transformed into a spacious beach club area with a terrace and a selection of furniture.

Van der Valk’s new Pilot series imarries a modern overall appearance with subtle classic touches. The raised pilothouse layout means that the wheelhouse position is elevated and the forward main deck area freed for other purposes.


Custom designs on demand.Van der Valk has earned its worldwide reputation thanks primarily to our award-winning semi-custom Continental series. The yard also has the capacity to produce fully custom designs on demand

Inspire Marine - Van Der Valk Thailand- Concept