The Dufour Yachts' Design Office works very closely with Umberto Felci, one of the leading naval architects in the world, to design hulls of exceptional quality. The result of this collaboration are yachts that are greatly coveted by sailors worldwide for their elegance, performance and comfort. The design of Dufour Yachts' sailboats is characterised by well-balanced hull shapes, strong aft sections, reduced wetted surface areas and appendages for cruising. This unique design sets Dufour yachts apart from other brands and holds an instant attraction for sailing enthusiasts.

The Ultimate Lifestyle

Grand Large Range

Sail away. Leave the world behind.

Designed for cruising, the Dufour Yachts’ Grand Large range was designed to make sailing a pleasurable experience at all times. Ocean lovers are promised the feeling of ultimate freedom on these cruising sailboats.

Enjoy unique and magical times on board the Grand Large models, inspired by a self-indulgent sailing design. These fast pleasure yachts handle with ease and offer extreme comfort. Benefit from a perfect balance to ensure that all crew members can soak up the pleasure of every moment.

Inspire Marine - Dufour - Grand Large for sale in Thailand
Inspire Marine - Dufour Exclusive- for sale in Thailand

Exclusive Range

Redefining the boundaries of what is possible.

The Dufour Yachts’ Exclusive range redefines the pleasure of sailing and life on board a luxury yacht, offering hulls and deck plans optimized to guarantee balance, stability and maximum performance, whilst embodying the most majestic of designs.

On the water, benefit from automated equipment for precise and effortless handling and enjoy the pure comfort of a luxury sailing yacht. Offering top-of-the-range equipment, the Exclusive models boast an interior worthy of the most stunning New York loft apartments – a real home from home.

Customized boats developed with you, for you.

Performance Range

The ultimate pleasure of being in control of your race.

With their hulls, keels and rudder blades designed for racing, the Dufour Yachts’ Performance yachts offer speed and thrills. These fast ocean racers are perfectly adapted to deep sea outings and round-the-world adventures.

Performance yachts are highly innovative, with each element designed to ensure fast sailing as proven by the top prizes claimed by this range in competitions. Even so, speed has not been prioritised to the detriment of comfort. These models present a carefully thought-out and ergonomic interior.

Inspire Marine - Dufour Performance - For sale in Thailand
Inspire Marine - Dufour Drakkar - for sale in Thailand

Drakkar 24 Range

Sailing accessible to all.

The Drakkar 24 is Dufour Yachts’ first day boat and is an exception among the company’s sailing yachts. At 7 metres long, it is reliable and easy to handle.

It boasts an attractive, fun design and a fast, balanced and stable hull. The Drakkar 24 is perfect for novice sailors and can carry up to seven people at any one time. Approved by the French Sailing Federation, it is perfect as a teaching yacht or for family or romantic outings.

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