Four Winns Boats are an exciting range of bow riders, deck boats and surf boats for sale in Thailand. Four Winns understands that your free time is the most precious of all. That’s why we build boats that perform beyond your expectations, boats that have premium content and components you’d choose if you could – boats that will last as long as the memories you’re making. When you step aboard a Four Winns you’ll notice a collection of innovative designs and keen attention to details, elevating your boating experience.

The Ultimate Lifestyle - Four Winns Boats

Bow Rider - Horizon Series

The Four Winns Boats Horizon Series Bow Rider is a Modern Classic

If your main criteria for buying a new bowrider is aesthetics, look no further than the Horizon Series. These stunning boats are  complete with optional wakeboard tower and certainly have the looks, but you’ll also find a build quality, performance and handling to make them a leader in their field.

The Horizon platform invites you to enjoy a new meaning of freedom and adventure. Appreciation comes at first glance while new memories begin on board.  Enjoy this tranquil escape; you deserve to forget the pressures of tomorrow. Ranging in a variety of sizes from the H1 (20 ft)  through to the luxurious Horizon 290 (30 ft) , with a huge choice of inboard and outboard engines, color schemes and upgrades to customize your boat. Treat your family and friends – Discover the Horizon

Four Winns 2
Inspire Marine- Four Winns Boats- HD S

Hybrid Deck Boats - HD Series

Four Winns Boats have redefined the Deck Boat

Your requirements for relaxation, convenience, and elegance aid and drive our ‘HD’ mindset for pristine, luxurious models. The entire HD line-up entails a combination of exclusive hand-stitching, plush seating arrangements, and elegant exterior styles, so you can keep the focus on what you deserve – Intimate moments with those you love. Ranging in a variety of sizes from the HD 3 (21ft) through to the HD 8 (26 ft) , with a huge choice of inboard and outboard engines and all the customized options Four Winns is famous for.

The HD Series from Four Winns is all about high-class deck boats that offer luxury and features to make the most of the range’s beam-forward designs and is available with either sterndrive or outboard propulsion.

 The HD Series is a “top-of-the-line” deck boat.

Surf Boats - HD Surf Series

No Compromise with the Four Winns Boats HD Surf Series.

Luxury wake performance at this level is unheard of, and there’s nothing else in the industry like it.  Wake tabs, ballast systems, and the unique Volvo FWD drive work in unison to create surf wakes with superior height and push. Featuring Volvo Penta’s Forward Drive System the Four Winns Surf Series achieves and delivers the ultimate in sport boat versatility. There’s no need for discretion with the HD Surf, you’ll never have to compromise the agenda again. Ranging in sizes from the HD 2 Surf through to the HD 8 Surf boat.

Inspire Marine- Four Winns Boats- Surf Series- Thailand