At Couach Yachts every yacht starts with a dream. This is where our mission begins. Working in close cooperation with our clients, to make their dream come true. Couach is a world-renowned French shipbuilder with a broad spectrum of products tailored to Owners desires, from semi-custom to full-custom yachts. Established in France in the Arcachon bay, Couach has been building the finest yachts with an outstanding level of quality and engineering since 1897

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The Mediterranean are a return to the origins. The Couach story began with pinnaces in the small port of Gujan-Mestras. These small pleasure yachts, it’s a family story.  Comfortable and refined, they hide surprising performances. They are made for all those who, like Guy Couach, dream of living for a few days escape between land and sea.

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Designed to be captivated by every moment on board, at sea, the “sport” line series is the perfect expression of Couach savoir-faire. They combine elegance and daring, authenticity and modernism, space and detail, comfort and innovation, without any comprise on seaworthiness. The promise of travels between emotion and lifestyle.


Carved out for adventure with its aggressive lines, its high freeboards and its defended hull, the Lounge does not neglect the essentials to cruise in comfort. And that is what makes it different to a traditional Explorer. Our yacht has been entirely thought out around the layout and experience on board. Particularly large areas and multiple technological innovations will satisfy lovers of long-distance navigation.

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Custom Project

Unique masterpiece, for unique Owners.
You have your own personality, our yachts too.